traditional piupiu

Traditional piupiu are made from flax strands which curl when they dry. They are regarded as taonga (treasures) which are treated with great respect and stored carefully. As Just Kidding's piupiu are not the 'real thing', they can be used for free play, as well as kapa haka and other traditional events.


just kidding piupiu

Just Kidding piupiu are made from pure cotton fabric which is printed in Auckland to our design. Our unique design incorporates the horizontal black markings of a traditional piupiu and fine cutting guidelines. This piupiu fabric can be made into garments that fit any size from dolls and babies to the most 'traditionally' built.


how our piupiu are made

Each piupiu is individually gathered then stitched to a 25 millimetre elastic wasteband or taaniko patterned belt or bodice. They close with long strips of velcro for a versatile fit.

Once sewn, a piupiu is completed by cutting along printed vertical lines then pulling each strip so the cotton knit curls, resembling the dried flax strands of a traditional piupiu. 


cutting your own piupiu

You can buy piupiu ready to wear or uncut to complete yourself.

Buying an uncut piupiu will save between $10-24 depending on the size. This can be a considerable saving, particularly for a group purchasing piupiu. 

Here is a short video showing how to cut a piupiu.