hoop dress

Toddler - $36

Preschool - $38

Primary - $40

Replacement hoops - $6

  • available in all colours of the spectrum
  • red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple
  • hoops are removable for washing 



harlequin HOOP DRESS

Toddler - $36

Preschool - $38

Replacement hoops - $6

See below for rainbow crown.

  • available in 2 or 4 colour combinations
  • hoops are removable for washing



dancing skirt

Satin Skirt - $16

Set of Six - $90

  • available in red, blue, yellow, purple, green or orange



rainbow SKIRT

Petal skirt - $28

  • red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple petals
  • in spectrum order to encourage learning about colours
  • wide elastic waistband closes with velcro
  • easy dressing and multi fit



Crown/belt - $14

  • non-fray soft vinyl shards in six colours
  • can also be worn upside down as a belt
  • long velcro strip to close at back means it can fit around the head or the waist



Balloonie - $15

  • made in stretch lycra for a smooth fit
  • includes balloon and plastic tag to tie balloon

Balloon fun and games without tears, the balloonie makes the balloon virtually unpoppable.

Ideal for baby exploration, toddler play, safe catching practice and indoor games for all ages.

Great to bounce in a lyrca square or parachute.


Small (80cm square) - $15

Large (160cm square) - $40

  • unhemmed edges don't fray and there is no stitching to break when it is stretched
  • group activities can include stretching, leaning, pulling, tossing, dancing, swooshing and covering