One Purple Cape

One cape + one boy who loves dressing up!


Barbara and Blake on the Purple Walk for endometriosis awareness. 


What a hero! 


Book Day at school




Nothing is Wasted!

Have a look at these wonderful creations made with fabric scraps that I give to my friend, a teacher, or others who have a use for them. Aren't they creative!

This was the first time most of the children had worked with fabric, but they were so excited and shared ideas on what worked well. Lots of imagination, cooperation, language and fine motor skills - and they got to take them home!



New Arrivals!

You may have heard that new arrivals come from the cabbage patch, but these came from Pumpkin Patch! 

It was sad to see the demise of the business which I remember started at the same time as Just Kidding. Thats where the similarity ends. They became a multi-national, while I'm still working from my converted garage.

After missing out on getting them from the local stores, I phone chased them around the country, but finally found they were all travelling to Manukau, so we made a quick trip up there, intending to get just a few, but couldn't resist adopting ten. 

 As Dave was taking them to the car a woman did a double take. "Family outing"  he explained.

I've been looking for mannequins for a while. I need little helpers when I'm making new lines or helping customers with sizing and they can also stand in for the real thing when I need photos.  Now, I can show you just what a size will look like on a certain height. I've looked up average age/heights and they range from 7 months to 8 years. 




Testing, testing!

🎊 🎈🎉Welcome to Just Kidding's new website! 🎉🎈🎁

The new website is designed to view well on your phones or tablets as well as larger screens. It also allows me to add new products easily and offer specials and one-offs, so there will be more to choose from.

You may find a few products that don't have a photo yet and there might be a few glitches, but we are working on making it better and better. Please let me know if you have any problems, need more info or can't find what you are looking for, I'm happy to help. 🙂