Orange Dinosaur - $38

Bright orange dinosaur hood and stuffed tail on wide elastic. Usually $48, now just $38.


Fluffy Chick - $58

A fluffy chick to add to the farmyard range.  $58 for the cap with a beak and bod with elastic sides.



10 Fur Toss Bags - $20

Ten toss bags in an easy to grasp pyramid shape, lightly filled with just enough pea gravel to give weight for easy tossing. They're don't bounce or roll away, so they win over balls for small people to practise throwing and catching skills. 



New! Gold Crowns - $18

This stiffened gold velvet crown with black-tipped red fur trim adjusts for size with a velcro close at the back.

A staple for castle dwellers from fairytales and storybooks along with velvet capes, knights and the new dragon further down this list.


2 Waterproof Aprons - $20

Two aprons, but no more of this totally waterproof fabric, so your chance to get both for less than the price of two. 60cm long and plenty of width.


New! Peasant Dress - $40

A preschool asked for different cultural costumes, including European, and I was pleased to get creative.

This all-in-one bodice, skirt and apron slips on easily as it is open right down the back with just one piece of velcro on the bodice to close. It is shown here worn over a white knit top.

It reflects the traditional costumes of various European countries - Swiss, German etc. As that is where many of our fairytales are set, this dress could be Gretel, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella (before the ball), or any other peasant female character. 




Monarch Caterpillars! - $28

When I spotted this fabric, I knew just what I had to make! Unfortunately there wasn't much left, so there are only a few of these. The fabric is cotton. The yellow stripes aren't showing very well in the photo, but they are definitely there!

This longer than usual tunic bod is joined at the sides with elastic for easy dressing. It is shown here with an antennae headband that can also be worn with monarch wings. Antennae are $14.


Sunshine Yellow Velvet Cape - $28

This preschool size hooded velvet cape has a fault line on the inside which barely shows on the right side. You might be able to just see the mark on the folded back part.  


Primary Sized Hoop Dress - $28

This pale blue hoop dress will fit a 6-8yr old. Other colours in this size are $40.

It would be an ideal base for a school production costume  in a water or air theme. Or just for fun!

It measures approx 60 cm from shoulder to hem.



Dalmation Pup - $28

A cute jumpsuit in soft polar fleece, with one velcro close at back of neck, finished with matching ears on elastic headband. It fits approx 1-3 yrs, the mannequin in the photo is 105cm tall.



Hi-Vis Vests - $10 each

These ubiquitous vests will enhance outdoor play - roadworkers, emergency services, truck drivers etc.

Generous armholes mean they are very easy to put on. The front closes with velcro

Some have minor print imperfections.

They were $18 each, but now just $10!


Nurse Caps - $4 each

Firm nylon nurse cap with screenprinted red cross has elastic at the back for easy fit.


Green Hero Cape with fade - $8

The sun is hard on shelved stock in my workroom and this cape has suffered. Hard to photograph, so I've marked the faded parts. The cape is reversible, so if it is worn inside-out, the marks don't show.



Turquoise Hero Cape with fade - $8

My workroom is sunny and warm, but that's hard on shelved stock. This cape has fading, hard to photograph, so I've circled where it is. The cape is reversible and the 'inside' is perfect, so there's the solution.

It is a toddler size, but this mannequin is a three year old and it is a fine length. 


Two Skirts for $12

Two satin dancing skirts with faults, see photo. Usually they are $16 each. The blue looking one is actually purple.



Organza Drape - $16

This finely hemmed length of fabric could be used as a dressup addition, as water or sky in a production, draped or pegged to a box, table, fence or tree as a curtain or hideaway, whatever the children's want to do with it! It measures about 135cm x 195cm.




New! Deluxe Feather Cloak - $68

This fully lined kahu huruhuru features a generous row of real feathers and braid. The feathers are firmly stitched, but this is a special occasion cloak, not one for the general dressup stand.

Perfect for preschool graduation ceremonies.



New! Tuatara Hood and Tail

Another creature to add to your native collection.  It could also be a dinosaur, lizard or a dragon.

This hood and tail are made from reptilian vinyl with soft off-white spikes. The hood closes with velcro under the chin and the tail is on wide elastic.

Tuatara Hood - $32

Tuatara Tail - $16