Hood Stand - $10 each

I have two of these hood or hat stands I no longer need. Would you like them to display your dress ups? 

I painted mine and added the cut off bottoms of plastic bottles to round out the hoods when they are displayed - not crucial, but you can see it in the second photo. 

Sorry, pick up only, or I could drop them off somewhere local, Hamilton.


Rainbow Ribbons - $4.50 each

Six 50cm long ribbons on each round elastic band. This firm grosgrain ribbon will be sturdy enough for lots of fun activity. The ribbons in spectrum order are stitched in a curved fan shape so each ribbon falls separately. The ends are sealed so they won't fray.

Perfect for dancing and moving to music.

Only a limited number available.



Unicorn Hood and Tail - $42

Back by popular demand, the mythical unicorn. This soft pink one features a brushable rainbow mane and tail (on wide elastic band). Or you could have a pink bod with rainbow tail attached, $74 for hood and bod.

Also available in hot orange with rainbow mane, or soft pink like this one, but with snow white mane and tail.


Deluxe Kahu Huruhuru - $68

This cream/brown cloak features a generous row of real feathers securely attached with tāniko braid. It    is closed with thick, black cotton cord ties.

This is perfect for 'graduation' ceremonies. 



Fluffy Chick - $40

A fluffy chick to add to the farmyard range.  $40for the cap with a beak and bod with elastic sides.



New! Gold Crowns - $18

This stiffened gold velvet crown with black-tipped red fur trim adjusts for size with a velcro close at the back.

A staple for castle dwellers from fairytales and storybooks along with velvet capes, knights and the new dragon further down this list.


Peasant Dress, one only! - $40

This all-in-one bodice, skirt and apron slips on easily as it is open right down the back with just one piece of velcro on the bodice to close. It is shown here worn over a white knit top.

It reflects the traditional costumes of various European countries - Swiss, German etc. As that is where many of our fairytales are set, this dress could be Gretel, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella (before the ball), or any other peasant female character. 




Monarch Caterpillars! - $28

When I spotted this fabric, I knew just what I had to make! Unfortunately there wasn't much left, so there are only a few of these. The fabric is cotton. The yellow stripes aren't showing very well in the photo, but they are definitely there!

This longer than usual tunic bod is joined at the sides with elastic for easy dressing. It is shown here with an antennae headband that can also be worn with monarch wings. Antennae are $14.


Sunshine Yellow Velvet Cape - $28

This preschool size hooded velvet cape has a fault line on the inside which barely shows on the right side. You might be able to just see the mark on the folded back part.  


Primary Sized Hoop Dress - $28

This pale blue hoop dress will fit a 6-8yr old. Other colours in this size are $40.

It would be an ideal base for a school production costume  in a water or air theme. Or just for fun!

It measures approx 60 cm from shoulder to hem.



Organza Drape - $12

This finely hemmed length of fabric could be used as a dressup addition, as water or sky in a production, draped or pegged to a box, table, fence or tree as a curtain or hideaway, whatever the children's want to do with it! It measures about 135cm x 195cm.




New! Tuatara Hood and Tail

Another creature to add to your native collection.  It could also be a dinosaur, lizard or a dragon.

This hood and tail are made from reptilian vinyl with soft off-white spikes. The hood closes with velcro under the chin and the tail is on wide elastic.

Tuatara Hood - $32

Tuatara Tail - $16



Chiffon Scarves

Chiffon scarves for dancing, or use them draped, tucked and knotted in a multitude of ways

for creative, child-led dramatic costumes.

Small scarves (approx 50cm) $4

Large scarves (various sizes) $8


New! Dragon Cape - $45

This sparkling lurex dragon has a scooped wing profile and soft vinyl spikes all the way down the back. It is stitched at the edges to create wristbands and has a jewelled button with elastic loop to close at the neck. 

A perfect addition to your fantasy play costumes, it will balance out all those princess dresses! 


New! Deluxe Velvet Hooded Cape - $35

I found this gorgeous top quality stretch velvet recently and knew it would make special capes. 

The purple pile rises from a cerise base, which gives a shot purple/pink look, especially in the sunlight. The base colour also shows as a contrast lining which is glimpsed in the hood and when the cape moves.

As they are both rich, deep colours the cape is gender neutral. Perfect for royal, magical and glamorous fantasy characters.

The number of capes I can make like this is limited by the fabric availability, so now is the time to buy.




Red Dancing Skirts - $15

There are just a limited number of these little skirts made from this extra wide lace that I found. The elastic waists means these will fit 1-6 years, the elastic might need a wee tuck on a really little one, but the casing is left open so this can be easily done. 


Hoop Pants - now only $15!

Hoop pants were $34, last few left at just $15!

On the left in the photo below. 

They feature bungy elastic with a toggle at waist. Colours may differ from those in the photo.