Red Dancing Skirts - $15

There are just a limited number of these little skirts made from this extra wide lace that I found. The elastic waists means these will fit 1-6 years, the elastic might need a wee tuck on a really little one, but the casing is left open so this can be easily done. 


Tupperware Vehicles - $8 set

Sturdy retro toy, ideal for block or sand play.

Complete set plus, as shown - 3 chassis, 8 axles, 12 wheels (scuffed) and 9 people, a couple with slightly chewed heads, the worst one is lying down. 


Crazy Cap and Tail Set $18

Fun dressup box additions that will tickle your child's imagination. The cap can be worn as a fun clown or storytelling wig and the tail could be any creature including a fantasy pony or unicorn., or worn around the neck or head - a trunk?

Together they can really go creatively crazy!


Toss Bags - set of ten - $20

A variety of colours, textures and shapes which stimulate senses and encourage language.

Filled with a small quantity of fine pea gravel. 

Ideal for throwing and catching practise, place markers for physical games, sorting and much more.


Little Hero Cape - $6!

Soft red knit cape with velcro close. 

At this price they could be party favours! 


Lavalava - $10 each

Preschool lavalava in these two fabrics which have slight print flaws. Were $18, now $10.

Sorry, only green ones left now. 

A few toddler size also available, now $9.


Swirly Satin Skirts - $10

Just a few of these bright skirts left. Elastic in the waist for easy dressing and multi-fit. 

fit 3-6 yrs+ 


Pink Velvet Capes - $20

Gathered Velvet Capes in pink patterns.  Were $30, now just $20

choose from -  pale pink with silver starburst

                       - pink painterly stripes

                       - pink stars


Hoop Pants - now $18!

Hoop pants were $34, last few left at just $18!

On the left in the photo below. 

They feature bungy elastic with a toggle at waist. Colours may differ from those in the photo.


Striped Satin Skirt - $13


An extra full little dancing skirt in colourful stripes. A fun addition to your dressup box. The doll and mannequin in the photo are the size of 2-3 yr olds. It is a good size for toddlers and ideal as they can easily pull it on and off, on and off, on and off - that's just what toddlers love to do!