Dragon Cape - $45

This sparkling lurex dragon has a scooped wing profile and soft vinyl spikes all the way down the back. It is stitched at the edges to create wristbands and has a jewelled button with elastic loop to close at the neck. 

A perfect addition to your fantasy play costumes, it will balance out all those princess dresses! 


Deluxe Velvet Hooded Cape - $35

I found this gorgeous top quality stretch velvet recently and knew it would make special capes. 

The purple pile rises from a cerise base, which gives a shot purple/pink look, especially in the sunlight. The base colour also shows as a contrast lining which is glimpsed in the hood and when the cape moves.

As they are both rich, deep colours the cape is gender neutral. Perfect for royal, magical and glamorous fantasy characters.

The number of capes I can make like this is limited by the fabric availability, so now is the time to buy.




Five tails for $20!

A mix of tails which can be all sorts of animals - real and imaginary!


Five Tails for $20!

A set of five tails in a mix of styles. If you want this set, mention the snake.


Sari Skirt with fade - $5

This sari skirt has a fade mark down the side, as seen to the right in the photo. 



Sari with a mark - $30

This sari has a mark on it that you can see in the photo on the pink, up towards the waist. It looks like a black grease mark from manufacture. I've washed the sari which has lightened the mark, but not removed it.

The green is the scarf end of the sari which drapes over the shoulder. 



Kahu Huruhuru for Dolls - $9

These cloaks fit larger dolls as in the photo. 

They measure approx 40cm wide and 25-30cm long, depending on how you measure the long fur pile. 

The ties could be permanently knotted so it could easily slip over the doll's head.


Red Dancing Skirts - $15

There are just a limited number of these little skirts made from this extra wide lace that I found. The elastic waists means these will fit 1-6 years, the elastic might need a wee tuck on a really little one, but the casing is left open so this can be easily done. 


Tupperware Vehicles - $8 set

Sturdy retro toy, ideal for block or sand play.

Complete set plus, as shown - 3 chassis, 8 axles, 12 wheels (scuffed) and 9 people, a couple with slightly chewed heads, the worst one is lying down. 


Crazy Cap and Tail Set $18

Fun dressup box additions that will tickle your child's imagination. The cap can be worn as a fun clown or storytelling wig and the tail could be any creature including a fantasy pony or unicorn., or worn around the neck or head - a trunk?

Together they can really go creatively crazy!


Toss Bags - set of ten - $20

A variety of colours, textures and shapes which stimulate senses and encourage language.

Filled with a small quantity of fine pea gravel. 

Ideal for throwing and catching practise, place markers for physical games, sorting and much more.


Little Hero Cape - $6!

Soft red knit cape with velcro close. 

At this price they could be party favours! 


Swirly Satin Skirts - $10

Just a few of these bright skirts left. Elastic in the waist for easy dressing and multi-fit. 

fit 3-6 yrs+ 


Hoop Pants - now $18!

Hoop pants were $34, last few left at just $18!

On the left in the photo below. 

They feature bungy elastic with a toggle at waist. Colours may differ from those in the photo.


Striped Satin Skirt - $13


An extra full little dancing skirt in colourful stripes. A fun addition to your dressup box. The doll and mannequin in the photo are the size of 2-3 yr olds. It is a good size for toddlers and ideal as they can easily pull it on and off, on and off, on and off - that's just what toddlers love to do!